Influence marketing
ethics charter

The influence marketing ethics charter is a collective initiative that aims to ensure proper management of influence campaigns and increased transparency to consumers.
This charter was drafted by an ad hoc committee representing the sector's different stakeholders: agencies, Brands, influencers, lawyers, researchers, etc.

This charter is public and open to all, and we invite as many people as possible to join us by signing this charter!

I hereby sign the charter


The youth of the influencer marketing sector coupled with its very rapid growth poses many legal and ethical issues for Actors.

The aim of this charter is therefore to equip influencers with tools allowing them to distill transparent and objective information and to have the means enabling them to evolve with legal certainty, on the one hand, and consumers with information allowing them to foster trust in influence campaigns, on the other hand.

The charter does not claim to be binding, but simply to lay the foundations for the principles of objectivity and transparency that are necessary to the positive development of the influence sector.

For whom?

The influence marketing ethics charter is developed in three parts and aims to bring all Actors together. We believe that a viable ecosystem requires efforts from agencies, Brands and influencers. This is why the charter is available for each of these entities:

For agencies

This is about defining good practices for managing influence campaigns, with Brands or with influencers.
By signing the influence marketing ethics charter, agencies establish themselves as central guarantors for responsible campaign management.

For Brands

The aim is to guarantee a healthy relationship with the various stakeholders. The focus is therefore on campaign transparency and meeting deadlines.

For influencers

The purpose of the influence marketing ethics charter is to make influencers the new trusted digital third parties. To do so, influencers commit to being transparent and authentic with their community, and aim to develop their legitimacy.

Article 3.1 Budget transparency

The Agency undertakes to state the budget of the Campaign in question, as soon as the negotiations begin. This budget will thus be negotiated during briefings and the establishment of contractual relations, as will also be the objectives.

The Agency especially undertakes to separate the budget relating to the remuneration of the Influencers' services from the budget that the Brand wishes to allocate to the Campaign

Furthermore, the Agency undertakes not to make any profit margin when the Campaign is carried out for any charitable cause

Article 3.2 Strict application of the guidelines

The Agency undertakes to take into account the respective targets and communities of the Influencers, particularly in the context of collaborations on so-called "sensitive" topics. To this end, the Agency will provide access to the details of the Influencer's community, on which it will have the duty to issue opinions or alerts, so that the Brands can have an overview before proceeding to a selection process.

In line with the Brands complying with the rules relating to castings, as mentioned above in Article 2.3, the number of subscribers must not be the only selection factor. Thus, the Influencer’s community must truly benefit from the Campaign and the Agency undertakes to adopt a tailor-made approach in its casting process, depending on the product or service in question.

Furthermore, the Agency undertakes to give Influencers the briefing document, along with guidelines that will allow them to become familiar with what is expected of them. For example, it is recommended that they do not publish several Contents on the same day, in order to avoid a mass effect.

Lastly, the Agencies undertake to communicate in a respectful manner with all the Actors, and to simplify dialogue between the Influencers and the Brands.

Article 3.3 Confidentiality

The Agency undertakes not to use the information exchanged during communications in the development and proposal of the Campaign, which is strictly confidential and must under no circumstances be used for any purpose other than this collaboration.

By signing this charter, all stakeholders are committing to more responsible influence. In addition, all signatories will be able to display the "Ethical influence" label on their platform.